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Image 02ka106.jpg Karesuando Baver
Karesuando Baver
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Image 02ka109.jpg Karesuando Jaktkniv
Karesuando Jaktkniv
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Image 02ka118.jpg Karesuando Knife Set Survival Galten Eklusive & Fire Striker
Karesuando Knife Set Survival Galten Eklusive & Fire Striker
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Image 02ka070.jpg Karesuando Large Hunter Natur
Karesuando Large Hunter Natur
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Image 09ka046.jpg Karesuando Metsamies
Karesuando Metsamies
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Image 09ka049.jpg Karesuando Metsamies Hata
Karesuando Metsamies Hata
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Image 02ka122.jpg Karesuando Nulpu
Karesuando Nulpu
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Image 01ka008.jpg Karesuando Paltsa
Karesuando Paltsa
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Image 02ka016dam.jpg Karesuando Pessinki
Karesuando Pessinki
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Image 09ka003.jpg Karesuando Stoera Aksu
Karesuando Stoera Aksu
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Karesuando brand information


Discover the rugged excellence of Karesuando. Renowned for crafting exceptional knives, including folding knives and survival knives, Karesuando is synonymous with quality and reliability. Each knife is meticulously crafted in Sweden, using time-honored techniques and premium materials. At Karesuando, attention to detail ensures that every blade meets the highest standards of performance and durability. From knife blades designed for precision to versatile folding knives ideal for everyday carry, our collection offers something for everyone. Experience the unmatched quality and functionality of Karesuando knives today. Explore the range and discover why Karesuando is the preferred choice for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Unlock the potential of your outdoor experiences with Karesuando.