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Image 00-0000061318_0916.jpg Salewa Ms Condor Evo GTX (M)
Salewa Ms Condor Evo GTX (M)
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Image 00-0000005622_5315.jpg Salewa Litetrek II Tent
Salewa Litetrek II Tent
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Image 00-0000061328_7512.jpg Salewa Ms Crow GTX
Salewa Ms Crow GTX
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Image 00-0000063487_5949.jpg Salewa Ms Wildfire GTX - Myrtle/Fluo Green
Salewa Ms Wildfire GTX
$129.56 $161.95
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Image 00-0000027515_5640.jpg Salewa Illuminati Ptxr M Suit
Salewa Illuminati Ptxr M Suit
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Image 00-0000061329_3985.jpg Salewa Ws Crow GTX
Salewa Ws Crow GTX The Crow GTX is a versatile mountaineering boot with an abrasion-resistant fabric upper and waterproof GORE-TEX® protection.Designed for mixed use on general alpine terrain and alpine?rekking, the Crow GTX has a...
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Image 00-0000061343_0456.jpg Salewa Ms Raven 3 GTX - Grisaille/Tender Shot
Salewa Ms Raven 3 GTX Designed to make light work of tough alpine terrain in variable conditions. Our Raven 3 GORE-TEX® men’s mountaineering boot has an abrasion-resistant fabric upper to offer exceptional stability, durability and...
$228.76 $285.95
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Image 00-0000001715_0160.jpg Salewa Quick Screw
Salewa Quick Screw
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Image 00-0000005623_5315.jpg Salewa Litetrek III Tent
Salewa Litetrek III Tent
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Image 00-0000005624_5315.jpg Salewa Sierra Leone II Tent - Lightgrey/Cactus
Salewa Sierra Leone II Tent
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Image 00-0000005629_5311.jpg Salewa Denali IV Tent
Salewa Denali IV Tent
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Image 00-0000005715_5311.jpg Salewa Micra II Tent - Cactus/Grey
Salewa Micra II Tent
$135.90 $151.00
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Image 00-0000061374_0988.jpg Salewa Ws Alpenrose 2 Mid GTX
Salewa Ws Alpenrose 2 Mid GTX
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Image 00-0000063459_0674.jpg Salewa Ws Mtn Trainer Mid GTX
Salewa Ws Mtn Trainer Mid GTX The MTN Trainer Mid GTX is a lightweight men’s summer alpine?rekking boot with a robust suede leather and fabric upper plus waterproof and?reathable GORE-TEX® protection.Designed to provide extra flexibility...
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Image 00-0000000813_0999.jpg Salewa Alpinist Alu Step-In
Salewa Alpinist Alu Step-In
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Image 00-0000001235_3420.jpg Salewa Koala II
Salewa Koala II
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Image 00-0000001259_6870.jpg Salewa Alptrek 50 +10 Bp Ws
Salewa Alptrek 50 +10 Bp Ws
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Image 00-0000001260_3980.jpg Salewa Alptrek 55 +10 Bp
Salewa Alptrek 55 +10 Bp
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Image 00-0000002383_1600.jpg Salewa Ptx BIVIbag II
Salewa Ptx BIVIbag II
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Image 00-0000002804_5640.jpg Salewa Diadem Extreme Rds
Salewa Diadem Extreme Rds
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Image 00-0000002805_4110.jpg Salewa Diadem Warm Rds
Salewa Diadem Warm Rds
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Image 00-0000002806_4110.jpg Salewa Diadem Warm Long Rds
Salewa Diadem Warm Long Rds
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Image 00-0000000446_1032.jpg Salewa Double 7,9 mm Rope
Salewa Double 7,9 mm Rope
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Image 00-0000000448_1035.jpg Salewa Speed Queen 9,1 mm Seile
Salewa Speed Queen 9,1 mm Seile
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Salewa develops highly functional hiking boots, running shoes, approach shoes and trekking boots that can handle all outdoor conditions. Find the right hiking boot like: Dropeline GTX, Alptrainer Mid GTX, Condor Evo GTX and MTN Trainer 2 GTX. Other shoes from Salewa are trekking shoes like Mountaintrainer GTX, Mountaintrainer Lite, Wildfire GTX and Wildfire Edge GTX. An approach shoe is the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX and as trail running shoe we recommend Men’s Ultra Train, Speed Beat GTX and Women’s Ultra Train 3. Equip your shoes with the crampons Alpinist Alu Walk and Alpinist Combi. In addition to sleeping bags, down jackets, via ferrata sets, climbing helmets and ski jackets such as the Responsive Jacket or Ortles Hybrid TWR, there are also tents in the assortment. We would like to highlight the 2-, 3 or 4 person tents: Madeira II, Litetrek II, Litetrek Pro III, Denali II, Denali III and Micra II, Alpine Hut IV and Denali IV.