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Image cema-cema-innenlagerbox-sortiert.jpg CEMA Bearing box, assorted
Bearingbox_assorted Bearing box, assorted
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Image cema-lager-deinstallationswerkzeug-4-25-mm.jpg CEMA Blind Bearing Puller
BlindBearingPuller Blind Bearing Puller
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Image cema-einpresswerkzeug-fuer-nabenlager-expert.jpg CEMA Hub Bearing Tool
HubBearingTool Hub Bearing Tool
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Image cema-pressfit-innenlagerwerkzeug-fuer-de-und-installation-von-pressfit-innenlagern.jpg CEMA Pressfit Tool
PressfitTool Pressfit Tool
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Image cema_lagerbox_professional_sortiert_96_stueck_stahl.jpg CEMA Assorted Bearing Box Professional
AssortedBearingBoxProfessional Assorted Bearing Box Professional
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Image cema_lagerbox_fuer_naben_sortiert_50_stueck.jpg CEMA Assorted Hub Bearing Box
AssortedHubBearingBox Assorted Hub Bearing Box
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Image cema_lager_fuer_innenlager_6806_30_x_42_x_7.jpg CEMA Bearing for Bottom Bracket
BearingforBottomBracket Bearing for Bottom Bracket
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Image cema_lagerkugeln_keramik.jpg CEMA Ceramic Balls
CeramicBalls Ceramic Balls
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CEMA brand information


CEMA, a leading manufacturer of high-quality ceramic bearings for various industries, offers reliable solutions to customers worldwide. Renowned for its focus on innovation and superior craftsmanship, CEMA has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The flagship product, CEMA Ceramic BB, is a top-of-the-line ceramic bearing known for its high performance and durability. It caters to the needs of aerospace, automotive, and industrial manufacturing sectors. Customers highly appreciate CEMA Ceramic for its exceptional performance and longevity. Another innovative solution offered by CEMA is BB Ceramic CEMA, which combines the strength of ceramic bearings with the durability of steel. CEMA understands the importance of delivering products that meet customers' specific needs, and therefore, the team of experts tirelessly develops new and innovative solutions that offer superior performance and reliability. Whether you're looking for a CEMA Ceramic bearing or another innovative solution, CEMA has you covered. The commitment is to deliver top-quality products that exceed expectations. Contact us today to learn more about how CEMA Ceramic bearings and CEMA BB Ceramic can benefit you.