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Image 05066600N99_THE_CRUISE_70.jpg Nordica The Cruise 70 - Black/White/Red
Nordica The Cruise 70
$129.56   $161.95  
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Image _2000x0_050H30037T1_SPEEDMACHINE_110_1.jpg Nordica Speedmachine 110 - Black/Anthracite/Red
Nordica Speedmachine 110 The Speedmachine 110 delivers top of the line all mountain performance, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for you. With its fully customizable Infrared Tri-Force shell and 3D cork fit liner design the...
$216.76   $270.95  
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Image 8050459660913_1.jpg Nordica Sportmachine 110 - Black/Anthracite/Green
Nordica Sportmachine 110
$337.56   $421.95  
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Image 8050459789959_1.jpg Nordica The Cruise 85 W - Black/White/Violet
Nordica The Cruise 85 W
$428.76   $535.95  
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Image 8050459692273_1.jpg Nordica The Cruise W - White/Anthracite/Light Blue
Nordica The Cruise W
$145.56   $181.95  
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Nordica offers all skiers who live for all-mountain adventures the right ski boots and skis. Specially designed for female feet is the Speedmachine 85 W, Nordica HF 85 W and the Nordica HF Elite Heat W ideal. An unforgettable slope experience offers the Nordica Cruise 90, Sportmachine 100, Speedmachine 110, Nordica HF 90 R, the Nordica Dobermann, and the Nordica HF 110. For extra warmth provides the Nordica HF Elite Heat and Nordica Elite Heat W. To match the skis from Nordica, take the Nordica Dobermann SLR, Nordica Dobermann Spitfire, Nordica Enforcer 100, Enforcer 94 or Santa Ana 80 S Flat.