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Image 3620321-3003-KidComfortPro-d0.jpg Deuter Kid Comfort Pro
Deuter Kid Comfort Pro The pro child carrier comes with an integrated, separately useable daypack for quick runs to the changing room. There is also a fixed sun roof and a mirror for a quick rear-view of the child on the back. The load...
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Image 3620221-5026-KidComfort-d0.jpg Deuter Kid Comfort
Deuter Kid Comfort
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Image 3200021-1316-TransAlpine24-s20-d0.jpg Deuter Trans Alpine 24
Deuter Trans Alpine 24
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Image 3200321-7000-TransAlpine32EL-s20-d0.jpg Deuter Trans Alpine 32 EL
Deuter Trans Alpine 32 EL
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Image 3201121-6314-TransAlpinePro28-s21-d0.jpg Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28
Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28
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Image 3501021_7000_AViANTDuffelProMovo36_black_D_00.jpg Deuter AViANT Duffel Pro Movo 36
Deuter AViANT Duffel Pro Movo 36
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Image 3700621_3911_ExosphereMinus10SL_petrol_mango_D_00.jpg Deuter Exosphere -10 SL
Deuter Exosphere -10 SL
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Image 3210121_5332_Attack16_s21_d0.jpg Deuter Attack 16
Deuter Attack 16
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Image 3211321_8207_Flyt20_s21_d0.jpg Deuter Flyt 20
Deuter Flyt 20
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Image 3512322_7000_AViANTAccessPro70_black_D_00.jpg Deuter AViANT Access Pro 70
Deuter AViANT Access Pro 70
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Image 3513122_7000_AViANTVoyager65plus10_black_D_00.jpg Deuter AViANT Voyager 65+10
Deuter AViANT Voyager 65+10
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Image 3700721_3515_Exosphere_10_d00.jpg Deuter Exosphere -10
Deuter Exosphere -10
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Image 3200221-1316-TransAlpine30-s20-d0.jpg Deuter Trans Alpine 30
Deuter Trans Alpine 30
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Image 3303122-9002-FreeriderLite20_papaya-D-00.jpg Deuter Freerider Lite 20 - papaya
Deuter Freerider Lite 20
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Image 3711421-1334-Astro_500_SQ-d00.jpg Deuter Astro 500 SQ
Deuter Astro 500 SQ
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Image 3361221_5328_Guide42plusSL_chili_navy_D_00.jpg Deuter Guide 42+ SL
Deuter Guide 42+ SL
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Image 3362122_9315_GravityExpedition45plusSL_saffron_slateblue_D_00.jpg Deuter Gravity Expedition 45+ SL
Deuter Gravity Expedition 45+ SL
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Image 3700821_3515_ExosphereMinus10L_steel_fire_D_00.jpg Deuter Exosphere -10 L
Deuter Exosphere -10 L
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Image 3400921_4409_Futura_34_EL_d00.jpg Deuter Futura 34 EL
Deuter Futura 34 EL
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Image 3401221_7403_Futura_Pro_38_SL_d00.jpg Deuter Futura Pro 38 SL
Deuter Futura Pro 38 SL
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Image 3401421_7403_Futura_Pro_42_EL_d00.jpg Deuter Futura Pro 42 EL
Deuter Futura Pro 42 EL
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Image 3441121_9313_Trail_Pro_32_d00.jpg Deuter Trail Pro 32
Deuter Trail Pro 32
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Image 3441221_5429_Trail_Pro_34_SL_d00.jpg Deuter Trail Pro 34 SL
Deuter Trail Pro 34 SL
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Image 3200121-1332-TransAlpine28SL-s21-d0.jpg Deuter Trans Alpine 28 SL
Deuter Trans Alpine 28 SL
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Deuter strives to develop hiking and trekking backpacks for enthusiastic mountaineers and skiing in such a way that they are light, robust, and versatile. Deuter is the backpack specialist and offers you everything from ski backpack carrier, touring backpacks, bike backpacks and daypacks and hiking backpacks. Those who prefer to go hiking need the ultra-light and versatile Speed Lite 20, Speed Lite 22, or Speed Lite 32 hiking backpack. Especially the light hiking backpacks Aircontact 60 + 10 and Aircontact 55 + 10 offer plenty of storage space. For active families, Deuter offers the Kid Comfort Pro, Kid Comfort Active and Kid Comfort. Deuter has developed its Freeride series for ski tours such as the Freerider Pro 30, Freerider lite and Freerider Pro 34+ backpack.