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Image 3112448.jpg Spanninga Duxo XB
Spanninga Duxo XB
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Spanninga - Illuminating Your Journey. Welcome to Spanninga, the leading distributor of top-quality bicycle lighting solutions. Discover the exceptional range of products, including the Spanninga Pimento, Spanninga Lineo, Spanninga Nomad, Kendo+, and Spanninga Axendo 60. The Spanninga Pimento guarantees visibility and safety with its sleek design and powerful illumination. With multiple lighting modes and a slim profile, the Spanninga Lineo offers versatility and style. The Spanninga Nomad lights up the path during every adventurous ride with exceptional brightness and endurance. Experience power and precision with the Kendo+, ensuring optimal visibility with advanced optics and long battery life. Choose the Spanninga Axendo 60 for a powerful front light with impressive light output and durable construction. Explore our innovative products and illuminate your journey with Spanninga. Embrace the Spanninga Pimento, Lineo, Nomad, Kendo+, and Axendo 60 - Illuminate your journey with Spanninga.