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Image 349278-80be7625c485480caf93a2fa701040a1.jpg Merritt Final FC Wheel
FinalFCWheel Final FC Wheel
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Image 76385-3a793120e825c1e1d0c0d58534153845.jpg Merritt Final Freecoaster
FinalFreecoaster Final Freecoaster
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Image merritt-laufrad-non-stop-vorne.jpg Merritt Non-Stop Front-Wheel
Non_StopFront_Wheel Non-Stop Front-Wheel
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Merritt brand information


Merritt - Your Ultimate BMX Destination When it comes to top-quality BMX components, riders turn to Merritt. Merritt is where they discover exceptional products designed to cater to their every need. Merritt understands that BMX enthusiasts demand the best, which is why Merritt's range of products, including merritt bikes, BMX Merritt pegs, Merritt battle cranks, and Merritt wheels, are built to exceed their expectations. The secret to Merritt's success lies in the meticulous craftsmanship of their products. Merritt wheels, for instance, are crafted to perfection, offering riders durability, style, and high performance all in one package. When riders choose Merritt wheels, they are making a statement about their commitment to the BMX lifestyle. <Merritt - where innovation meets passion. Merritt is dedicated to elevating the BMX experience, and their merritt bike products are a testament to that commitment. Riders can explore the world of BMX with Merritt today and discover the difference for themselves. Their journey begins here. For the best in BMX, riders trust Merritt - their partner in adventure and style.