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Image 2829807010.jpg Bach Tent Wickiup 5
Bach Tent Wickiup 5
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Image 2767240001-1.jpg Bach Pack Roc 22
Bach Pack Roc 22
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Image 2791800001.jpg Bach Webbing Roll 100m
Bach Webbing Roll 100m
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Image 2813530001.jpg Bach Dr. Duffel 30 - Black
Bach Dr. Duffel 30
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Image 2899310001A.jpg Bach Dr. Duffel 20
Bach Dr. Duffel 20
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Image 2896527121.jpg Bach Pegs UL Twisted Y22 BOX-100
Bach Pegs UL Twisted Y22 BOX-100
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Image 2896547121.jpg Bach Pegs Irregular Y24 BOX-100
Bach Pegs Irregular Y24 BOX-100
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Image 2830071628.jpg Bach Footprint Wickiup 3
Bach Footprint Wickiup 3
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Image 2830081628.jpg Bach Footprint Wickiup 4
Bach Footprint Wickiup 4
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Image 2830091628.jpg Bach Footprint Wickiup 5
Bach Footprint Wickiup 5
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Products from Bach


All BACH products are tailored to the respective needs thanks to years of trekking, climbing, cycling and travel experience. The functional products from BACH are robust, lightweight and adapted to the specific requirements of the respective outdoor activity and season. In addition to the outdoor equipment, the backpacks, travel bags and Duffles from BACH are well known. The travel bags Dr. Duffle 40, Dr Duffle 110 or the travel backpacks BACH Travel Pro 45, BACH Travel Pro 60 and BACH Travel Pro 65. The Overland daypacks and hiking backpacks are not only available in different sizes such as: Overland 60, Overland 70 and Overland 80, but also an extra zip off daypack, the Zip Off Overland daypack, that can be straped on as required.