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Image 2829797010.jpg Bach Tent Wickiup 4
Bach Tent Wickiup 4
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Image 2970537607_01.jpg Bach Specialist 75 - Kombu Green
Bach Specialist 75
$139.52   $279.04  
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Image 2813560001.jpg Bach Dr. Duffel 110
Bach Dr. Duffel 110
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Image 2829747010.jpg Bach Tent Guam 2
Bach Tent Guam 2
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Image 2829777010.jpg Bach Tent Apteryx 2
Bach Tent Apteryx 2
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Image 2829807010.jpg Bach Tent Wickiup 5
Bach Tent Wickiup 5 - Lightweight and Durable Outdoor Tent The Bach Tent Wickiup 5 is a premium light tipi tent designed for outdoor enthusiasts. This Wickiup Outdoor Tent offers exceptional durability and comfort, making it perfect for...
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Image 2830091628.jpg Bach Footprint Wickiup 5
Bach Footprint Wickiup 5
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Image 2767240001-1.jpg Bach Pack Roc 22
Bach Pack Roc 22
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Image 2791800001.jpg Bach Webbing Roll 100m
Bach Webbing Roll 100m
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Image 2813530001.jpg Bach Dr. Duffel 30
Bach Dr. Duffel 30
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Bach brand information


Bach is synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of backpacks and outdoor gear. Renowned for their unparalleled craftsmanship, Bach backpacks are designed to endure the toughest adventures while providing ultimate comfort and functionality. Whether you're seeking a reliable Bach daypack for a quick hike or a robust Bach equipment bag for extended journeys, their range caters to every need. The hallmark of Bach lies in the meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each Bach bag embodies durability without compromising on style. From rugged terrains to urban landscapes, these backpacks serve as a reliable companion for explorers worldwide. Additionally, Bach offers versatile accessory bags designed to organize essentials with ease, enhancing the overall outdoor experience. Experience the durability and versatility of Bach backpacks, daypacks, equipment bags, and accessory bags. Discover why Bach continues to be a preferred choice among outdoor enthusiasts, combining functionality and durability in every product they offer. Explore the world with confidence, backed by the reliability of Bach's exceptional gear.