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Kelty brand information


Kelty is a leading brand in the outdoor gear industry, renowned for its high-quality and durable Kelty backpacks, Kelty tents, Kelty sleeping bags, and more. The Kelty Cosmic Down 20, our most popular product, is a must-have for any outdoor adventurer seeking exceptional warmth and comfort in all weather conditions. With Kelty, you can trust that the gear will withstand even the most demanding outdoor activities. The Kelty Cosmic 20 sleeping bag is perfect for camping trips with friends or solo excursions in the backcountry, providing a good night's sleep and peace of mind. Kelty's commitment to quality and affordability has made it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. So whether you're planning a weekend camping trip or a multi-day backpacking excursion, Kelty offers the gear needed to enhance your outdoor experience.