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Lange Shadow 110 MV


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Lange Shadow 110 MV Ski Boot - High-performance all-mountain boot The Lange Shadow 110 MV... more

Lange Shadow 110 MV Ski Boot - High-performance all-mountain boot

The Lange Shadow 110 MV Ski Boot is designed for skiers who demand precision and comfort on the slopes. With a medium volume fit, this boot offers a perfect balance of performance and all-day comfort. The Shadow 110 MV features advanced materials and technologies to enhance your skiing experience, making it the ideal choice for all-mountain enthusiasts.

Shadow 110 MV - Elevate your skiing experience with Lange

Experience unmatched performance and comfort with the Lange Shadow 110 MV Ski Boot. Designed for intermediate to advanced skiers, this boot delivers exceptional power transmission and control. The Shadow 110 MV is engineered to optimize your skiing performance, allowing you to tackle any terrain with confidence and precision.

Product Details of the "Lange" "Shadow 110 MV"

  • Medium volume fit for all-day comfort
  • Precision engineering for optimal performance
  • Advanced materials for durability and responsiveness
  • Enhanced power transmission for better control
  • All-mountain versatility for varied terrain
  • Comfortable and secure fit for long days on the slopes
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