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Image U021AA00-NOMIC_LowRes.jpg Petzl Nomic
Petzl Nomic PETZL Nomic – Ice Pick Axe The ice axe Nomic from Petzl is versatile. It can be adapted according to your tour, thanks to its modular concept. The Nomic is perfectly balanced and has an impressive swing and punch. The weight...
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Image U019AA00-QUARK_LowRes.jpg Petzl Quark
Petzl Quark - The Ice Pick Axe The Quark is a versatile ice tool designed for technical mountaineering and ice climbing. Its perfectly balanced design and Ice pick ensure safe placement in any ice. The Trigrest and Griprest finger pads...
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Image S064BA00_ALCANADRE_GUIDE_45L_LowRes.jpg Petzl Alcanadre Guide 45
Petzl Alcanadre Guide 45
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Image R011AA00-RAD-LINE-6-mm_LowRes.jpg Petzl Rad Line 6 mm
Petzl Rad Line 6 mm
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Image R34AC-ARIAL-95-mm_LowRes.jpg Petzl Arial 9.5 mm
Petzl Arial 9.5 mm
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Image K029CA-KIT-VIA-FERRATA-VERTIGO_LowRes.jpg Petzl Kit Via Ferrata Vertigo
Petzl Kit Via Ferrata Vertigo
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Image R010AA01-PUR-LINE-6-mm_LowRes.jpg Petzl Pur Line 6 mm
Petzl Pur Line 6 mm
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Image R35AN-VOLTA-noir-pack_LowRes.jpg Petzl Volta 9.2mm
Petzl Volta 9.2mm
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Image D13A-AG-GRIGRI-_LowRes.jpg Petzl Grigri +
Petzl Grigri +
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Image U015AA00-SUMTEC-panne_LowRes.jpg Petzl Sum'Tec
Petzl Sum'Tec
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Petzl is a manufacturer of cave and climbing equipment. Petzl focuses on vertical sports such as mountaineering, caving and climbing. Petzl offers equipment such as the Ice Pick Quark, Summit, Petzl Nomic Ice Tool and other safety and climbing equipment. Dress up for your next climbing tour with the Astro Bod Fast harness or the Sequoia and Sitta harness in different sizes. Additional equipment must not be missing, for this Petzl offers carabiner, ice screws, ropes such as Contact 9. 8. Petzl also offers headlamps for every need: DUO Z1, DUO Z2, Pixa 3, Swift RL and DUO S 1100Im, Actik Core, Tikkina. The helmets Vertex Vent, Strato and Sirocco offer additional safety for ice climbing. For a secure hold, Petzl has the crampons Leopard FL, Irvis, Vasak and Lynx in its assortment.