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DT Swiss 240 EXP


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DT Swiss 240 EXP

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DT Swiss is a leading producer of high-quality bicycle components, including wheels, hubs, and... more
Supplier "DT Swiss"

DT Swiss is a leading producer of high-quality bicycle components, including wheels, hubs, and spokes. Their Dicut line of dicut wheels offers optimal performance, durability and stability, making them a popular choice among professional and amateur cyclists alike. The dt swiss 350 and dt swiss hubs are both renowned for their lightweight design and reliability, with the dt swiss 350 hub being a favorite among those who demand the best. DT Swiss is dedicated to producing innovative and durable components that enhance the cycling experience. From road racing to mountain biking, DT Swiss has the right components to meet the demands of any rider. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, DT Swiss is the name to trust for high-performance and reliable dt swiss wheels.

Image 7101bc6c68fbfb3208eaba3c334c223f.JPG DT Swiss 240
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