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Hope Tech 4 V4 - No Rotor


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Hope Tech 4 V4 Hope hydraulic disc brakes have been the benchmark for performance and looks... more

Hope Tech 4 V4

Hope hydraulic disc brakes have been the benchmark for performance and looks for many years. With the Tech 4 V4 Hope has met the great demand for renewed innovation and production in terms of braking power and function. The very stiff and equipped with large cooling fins V4 is ready for any application. The High braking power of Hope Tech 4 V4, excellent dosing and a temperature dimensioning, are responsible for the fact that also heaviest Pro's in the hardest terrain safely come to a halt.

Hope Tech 4 V4 - The most powerful brake from Hope

The Hope Tech 4 V4 comes with about 30% more dosable braking power through a revised reservoir and a brake caliper with modified inner workings. The Tech 4 V4 disc brake from Hope combines the proven reliability of Hope brakes with an incomparable power. More powerful than its predecessor, the Tech 4 V4 from Hope shows itself as an excellent braking system for sustained and hard descents. Not only Designtechnisch has renewed a lot in the Hope Tech 4 V4 brake lever, also in the technical specifications one has created a great improvement at Hope to the top. The reservoir has been expanded in size and redesigned. Through the new development, the Hope Tech 4 V4 brake lever can generate 30% more braking force. For an incomparably light lever feel, the spring rate was reduced and a guide of the brake piston is used. The smoothness of the Hope Tech 4 V4 is supported by an industrial ball bearing at the pivot point. For improved dosage and more control on hard terrain Hope Tech 4 V4 relies on a longer brake lever. As before, the lever width of the Hope Tech 4 V4 and the pressure point can be adjusted without tools. The 2-piece clamp for mounting on the handlebars simplifies the attachment, since nothing has to be removed from the handlebars for mounting. On a thread on the underside of the balance tank of the Hope Tech 4 V4 can be attached matching Hope Matchmaker for SRAM triggers and Shimano EV triggers only. All in all, the Hope Tech 4 V4 offers everything a disc brake must be able to. Hope is therefore particularly proud of the Hope Tech 4 V4.

Product details of the Hope Tech 4 V4:

  • Longer brake handle
  • Larger reservoir with smaller piston bore for improved pressure ratio
  • Very light lever feel due to reduced spring rate, piston guide and industrial bearing at pivot point
  • Lever clamp with hinge for easy installation and clean, uncluttered cockpit
  • Use of 2 x 18mm and 2 x 16mm stainless steel pistons with resin internals in the caliper provides reduced heat dissipation as well as less friction with piston seals and therefore increased braking power
  • Direct mounting of SRAM and Shimano EV triggers by special lever clamp, which is adjustable front and rear up to 30 degrees and also laterally.
  • Standard with new brake pads with higher friction value installed
  • CNC milled in Barnoldswick

Hope Technology: How To Bleed Hope Brakes

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Discover the Unbeatable Performance of Hope Brakes and Tech . Welcome to the world of... more
Supplier "Hope"

Discover the Unbeatable Performance of Hope Brakes and Tech. Welcome to the world of top-tier cycling components brought to you by Hope. As a leading distributor of high-performance biking gear, Hope is proud to offer the cutting-edge products from Hope Tech. Experience the pinnacle of braking excellence with the renowned Hope Tech 4 V4 series. The brakes have revolutionized the industry, setting new benchmarks for precision and power. Why choose Hope Brakes? Cyclists around the globe trust in the exceptional stopping capabilities and unparalleled control across any terrain. From casual riders to extreme mountain bikers, Hope MTB Brakes deliver the ultimate in performance and safety. When it comes to durability and style, Hope Tech 4 stands in a class of its own. The brakes are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, providing riders with a consistent and reliable experience on every ride. Join the ranks of thousands who have elevated their cycling with Hope Brakes and Tech - where innovation meets outstanding performance! Explore the wide range of products and take your cycling to new heights. Shop now to experience the thrill of riding with Hope.